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Prentice Hall PTRPrentice Hall is one of the oldest and most distinguished names in the field of scientific, technical, and professional publishing. PTRP is a leading publisher of educational and professional nonfiction textbooks, reference, and test preparation, as well as of foreign language dictionaries, language teaching materials, and audio and video products.Q: Get the maximum of a field by a group in SQL I am trying to find a SQL statement that would return the values from a field that is partitioned by the group. If I have a table that looks like this ID NAME VALUE GROUP 1 Dog 5 1 2 Cat 6 1 3 Bird 2 2 4 Bird 8 2 5 Dog 7 1 I want to get the maximum value that is in each group. In this case, the result would be 1 Dog 7 1 3 Bird 8 2 I am currently using the code below but the GROUP BY clause is causing a problem. It is because I am summing the values from the subquery into the VALUE field. SELECT ID, NAME, MAX(VALUE) FROM (SELECT ID, NAME, (SELECT SUM(VALUE) FROM my_table WHERE ID = MT.ID) AS VALUE FROM my_table AS MT) GROUP BY GROUP Is there a way to get the maximum of the field without the GROUP BY clause. A: Try this: SELECT




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